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Hot in the Kitchen

Yesterday was a fun day in the kitchen. I made a Spiced Pumpkin and Almond loaf (find recipe on the ‘What’s Cooking Good Looking’ post)


Then I picked up two thick New Zealand Grass Fed Rib Fillet Steaks. I cooked these slowly in my Sous Vide and then finished in a hot pan with herbed butted. I also made a nice Red Wine Jus to finish the steak off. Served with steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli.




Om Nom Nom

Had a delicious lunch today at Ribs and Rumps. My Rib Eye Steak came with baked chat potatoes or fries. I got the potatoes with sour cream and added a side of garden fresh veggies with butter. It was sooooo good!

Last year I could easily have put away 10 chat potatoes with one meal (potatoes and rice have always been my weakness) however today I only ate one and was so full and satisfied.

It will be interesting to see if there’s any change in my ketones or weight loss this week after my spudventure 🙂

Next weigh-in coming Monday morning…..