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One ‘Flu’ Over the Cuckoos Nest

This past week hasn’t been a great one for me. Super emotional with some personal stuff, major sleep depravation and the on Wednesday night I some how decided I’d ‘earned’ a treat. So I took myself off to KFC.

Just some of they’re yummy chicken I decided. Next thing I know they’ve given me free chips, and some sweet and sour sauce. Don’t mind if I do I thought… I’ve been doing so well I’ve ‘earned it’.

Next morning instead of my usual bacon and scrambled eggs with butter I’ve gone to McDonalds and order a breaky wrap with BBQ sauce and a hash brown. Oh, and a raspberry macaroon for the road!

I know what your thinking… WHY???

At the time I honestly had convinced myself it was fine, just a treat. Problem is it’s a slippery slope.

After breakfast I decided that was absolutely ridiculous behaviour and I’ve solidly locked back in to LCHF.

I’ve been eating well since however between Friday morning and now (Sunday morning) I have been totally kicked in the head with a flu.

I haven’t been sick all year since starting LCHF however just those 2 ‘bad’ choices were enough to leave me bed ridden for 2 days and possibly 1 or 2 more to come.

• Migraine Headache
• Swollen/Sore Throat
• Photo Sensitivity
• Mouth Ulcers
• Major Joint & Muscle Pain
• Fatigue
• Dehydration and Vomiting

So, I’ve learned my lesson and hopefully you can learn from my mistake too.

It’s not a treat to eat junk and get sick!

Viva La LCHF!20140622-093835-34715524.jpg

CHAPTER TWO… Breaking 100

It’s been a lil while since I’ve posted… I made 100 days on LCHF on April 9th and reached my goal of 113.6kgs (25kgs loss) in just under that 100 days. And then… Had the great idea to take a week off as a reward.

Pies (with mash, mushy peas and gravy), cakes, cookies, coffees, chocolate, gelato, there were a lot of carbs.

1 week on I was left feeling extremely run down, fatigued, grumpy, and with flu like symptoms. I suspect I’ve added a few kgs back on this past week also.

As of yesterday (April 15th) I’m back. Ready to attack my next goal… The 100kg barrier!

Bring it on!

Today’s breakfast… Old faithful BnE 😀

Forgive Me Father for I Have Sinned!

Monday afternoon I met my partner at the shops for a quick afternoon tea and after doing so well all year I decided to splurge with a slice of Lime Swirl Cheesecake and an Irish Nut Creme Coffee.

It wasn’t an accident or a mistake. I enjoyed it and made a purposeful choice for that afternoon.

It was delicious however come the next day I felt lethargic all day and now two days on I am just getting over it. I was of course knocked quickly out of Ketosis and hope to be back in tomorrow or Friday at latest.

It’s amazing how big an impact a little snack can have!

I tried something new last night for dinner from left overs and it was incredibly delicious! Three slices of left over meatloaf, spread with my tomato & onion sauce from the weekend and sprinkled with pizza cheese. I baked year for 15mins in a very hot oven and they came out like the most scrumptious meatloaf pizzas! Highly recommended!!! I’ll be making more meatloaves just to make these a day or two later.