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It All Comes Down to Choices!

I am working away at the moment and was due to go home tomorrow. I have no kitchen just a kettle and a bar fridge. Today my work told me I have to stay here now til Friday night… 3 extra nights.

It’s too expensive to eat out each night unless I cave and eat cheap, easy rubbish (aka ‘Carb’age). What to do?

After much consideration and a quick message from Sweet Nothings reminding me how easy it is to cook eggs if you have boiled water, I decided to spend $26 and get myself 3 nights worth of health low carb dinners and dessert.

Shredded roast chicken, boiled organic eggs, no added sugar bbq sauce, soda water, high fat double cream, mixed berries and I even scored a block of Black and Greens 85% Dark Chocolate.

It would have been so easy to give in and eat junk, gain weight, feel crappy and beat myself up in hindsight of that mistake. But it really wasn’t that much more effort to stay on track, eat well and reap the benefits. It all comes down to choices!

Even in the face of temptation at the check out I knew I would feel better making the right choice.


On Ya Bike Mate!

My gorgeous girl is out teaching horse riding today leaving myself and my little man up to our own devices.

It’s a beautiful 25°C today and there’s a cool breeze blowing across the bay. Perfect weather for a cruise.

In Australia however you have to be 8yo to ride on the back of a motorcycle. Soooo on the trusty old-school Electra Pushbike it is.

18km round trip for Bacon & Eggs with Hollandaise of course 😉

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

Viva La Fat!


Counting, Carbs, Calories and Cookies

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages and emails lately asking what I count. Do I count carbs? Do I count calories? Do I analyse my macronutrient intake? Do I count the number of water drops that hit my shoulders in my morning shower? Well, maybe not the last one. But to me it’s all the same.

I DO NOT COUNT. Not those things anyway. I know that statement may offend some people in this lifestyle but I simply don’t have the time or patience to count all day.

To me counting carbs is almost like thinking of it as a daily carb allowance you get to spend. To see how close to the edge of the ‘sweetville cliffs’ you can get without falling over.

So how have I successfully lost weight without ‘counting’?

I have educated myself on what foods I can eat… I eat them when I am hungry and I eat until I am full. I’m not trying to trick myself into eating less cake, lollies, chocolates, bread, pasta etc. I just don’t eat them. My food process of thinking goes like this.

FAT: I want lots of good fats. These fuel my body and make me feel satiated. Every meal I enjoy includes a good portion of healthy fats. Be it butter, coconut oil, eggs yolks, bacon grease etc.

PROTEIN: Moderate protein helps my cells rebuild and muscles stay strong. I eat a good amount of Grassfed beef, chicken, pork thought my week.

CARBS: The only real carbs I put in my body come from vegetables, some berries, nuts… Things like that. I enjoy them in moderation as a side to a dish not as the hero. I never go looking for carbs in the form of sugars, high fructose fruit & veg, breads, pasta, chips etc.

I have found that by choosing my food this way I don’t need to ‘count’. Be smart with what you eat and be accountable with your progress. If your weight loss stalls think about your week and where you may have possibly had a few too many carbs. Then adjust next weeks intake accordingly.

It’s that simple. This is a lifestyle, not a diet. The only things I want to count now is KGs lost, pant sizes dropped, days out and about playing with my boys instead of vegging on the couch in a ‘carb coma’, the extra hours in my day now that I am no longer fatigued.

This is a lifestyle. Go out and LIVE!

Think smart about your food but don’t obsess about counting if it’s a stress to you. If like the caped character above you ‘Love To Count’ then go for it…. 1 Carbohydrate, 2 Carbohydrates, Mwuh ah ah ah.


LCHF Couple Lost Over 230lbs

As my blog followers know, at the start of the year I began my LCHF journey and 8 weeks later my partner joined the lifestyle too. Eight months on we have lost more between us than we each now weigh!!! Just over 105kgs lost (231.5lbs or 16.5 stone).

To say this has changed out lives is an understatement. Every day offers more now that our bodies and health are able to make the most out of each opportunity life presents.

I remember days where walking from the car to a seat at the park to look at the ocean was an effort. Now we bike ride to the beach and walk/jog a few KMs no trouble at all… While still being able to talk (not puffing for breath).

I’d like to challenge anyone that has been struggling with their health/weight not to wait to make a New Years resolution but to commit to change today. Once you get started you’ll be amazed how easy it is and how quick you WILL SEE RESULTS!

Viva La Fat 😉

Check out my partners Facebook page at Sweet Nothings LCHF to read more of her journey.
For those who read my post last week and are wondering how I went this week… 2.4kgs lost this week.

Happy International Bacon Day!

The last week I’ve allowed myself to eat pretty much anything I felt like. No rules just ‘enjoying’ various foods.

I use the word ‘enjoying’ lightly as most of the time the post carb eating experience left me feeling bloated, lethargic and generally yuck.

One week on and I’ve gained just over 2kgs now weighing in at 105.4kg.

From today onwards I’m back into the LCHF swing and will post another weigh-in in one week to show the effects of good food choices vs bad.

What better day to recommit to eating well and looking after ourselves than on International Bacon Day 🙂

This morning it’s scrambled eggs with butter and smokey bacon.

Check back in one week to see how effective this lifestyle really is (accountability is king) and in the mean time… ENJOY some Bacon 😉


Where did you go FatManDoo?

Thank you to everyone for your encouraging messages over the last month. It has been a while since my last post and lots of things have been changing in my world. LCHF however is still going strong! I have started adding in the occasional baked spud or a lil white rice here and there as I am approaching a maintenance diet now. I’m still losing small amounts however my focus now is mostly health and fitness.

I found something cool this morning when I popped down to my local supermarket. Tomato and BBQ sauces made with Stevia. Low Carb, Gluten Free and great tasting! My bacon, egg and sausage has never tasted so good 🙂


Hopefully in the coming weeks I will find some time to try out some new recipe ideas I have floating around my head. Until then, stay the course! This lifestyle really does work.


Today marks six months of living LCHF. Over all it’s been remarkably easy and simple to stick to. Even on the days where I mess up and slip it’s just a matter of making the right choices at the next meal, not beating myself up.

As of today’s weigh in I am 103.8kg. Pretty stoked with that! Just bought myself a pair of size 36″ jeans and a t-shirt from a ‘cool’ store. Pretty stoked with that too!

It’s in my blood now, it’s a way of life not a diet. There will be days when I choose other foods but on the whole carbs can expect limited access to
My mouth from now til kingdom come 🙂

One ‘Flu’ Over the Cuckoos Nest

This past week hasn’t been a great one for me. Super emotional with some personal stuff, major sleep depravation and the on Wednesday night I some how decided I’d ‘earned’ a treat. So I took myself off to KFC.

Just some of they’re yummy chicken I decided. Next thing I know they’ve given me free chips, and some sweet and sour sauce. Don’t mind if I do I thought… I’ve been doing so well I’ve ‘earned it’.

Next morning instead of my usual bacon and scrambled eggs with butter I’ve gone to McDonalds and order a breaky wrap with BBQ sauce and a hash brown. Oh, and a raspberry macaroon for the road!

I know what your thinking… WHY???

At the time I honestly had convinced myself it was fine, just a treat. Problem is it’s a slippery slope.

After breakfast I decided that was absolutely ridiculous behaviour and I’ve solidly locked back in to LCHF.

I’ve been eating well since however between Friday morning and now (Sunday morning) I have been totally kicked in the head with a flu.

I haven’t been sick all year since starting LCHF however just those 2 ‘bad’ choices were enough to leave me bed ridden for 2 days and possibly 1 or 2 more to come.

• Migraine Headache
• Swollen/Sore Throat
• Photo Sensitivity
• Mouth Ulcers
• Major Joint & Muscle Pain
• Fatigue
• Dehydration and Vomiting

So, I’ve learned my lesson and hopefully you can learn from my mistake too.

It’s not a treat to eat junk and get sick!

Viva La LCHF!20140622-093835-34715524.jpg

Let’s Make a Deal

I’ve found a new trick in the last few weeks that has really helped me stay the course with LCHF.

I didn’t have dinner last night and then left it a bit late to grab breakfast today. By the time I dropped in to the shops the cakes, cookies, and junk food had formed a choir and decided to sing to me. It was a glorious sonnet that’s not over til the fat man sings.

I told myself ‘Let’s make a deal’! You can have any of this crap you want to eat… But first you need to eat a yummy breaky with Bacon, Eggs, Beef Patty and Grilled Onion. After that if you still want to poison your body go for it.

Of course once I have satisfied the hunger with good foods the junk is no longer appealing.

Years ago I had tried other diets where this kind of ‘mind trick’ just wouldn’t work. After carefully calculating my points or calories left for the day I was left feeling hungry and with cravings for sugary junk.

The beauty of LCHF is that the food satisfies your hunger, kills cravings and if you do feel hungry there’s no prob eating more of the good foods to nourish your body.

Next time you have cravings why not try making a similar deal with yourself. You’ll be surprised how those short term desires go once your appetite is suppressed by quality fats and protein.

Shopping for Success

Going through the checkout at my local supermarket I looked down at my purchased and noticed how good it all looked. No longer is my trolley piled high with softdrinks, flavored milk, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, chips and processed JUNK.

It’s no wonder this lifestyle works for sustainable weight loss and ongoing health.

An average shop for me now will always include:
• Minced Beef
• Bacon
• Eggs
• Butter (grass fed)
• Cream
• Cheese
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Cabbage
• Tomatoes
• Onions

All fresh, organic, grass fed etc. Remember you are what you eat AND what you eat ate!