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One ‘Flu’ Over the Cuckoos Nest

This past week hasn’t been a great one for me. Super emotional with some personal stuff, major sleep depravation and the on Wednesday night I some how decided I’d ‘earned’ a treat. So I took myself off to KFC.

Just some of they’re yummy chicken I decided. Next thing I know they’ve given me free chips, and some sweet and sour sauce. Don’t mind if I do I thought… I’ve been doing so well I’ve ‘earned it’.

Next morning instead of my usual bacon and scrambled eggs with butter I’ve gone to McDonalds and order a breaky wrap with BBQ sauce and a hash brown. Oh, and a raspberry macaroon for the road!

I know what your thinking… WHY???

At the time I honestly had convinced myself it was fine, just a treat. Problem is it’s a slippery slope.

After breakfast I decided that was absolutely ridiculous behaviour and I’ve solidly locked back in to LCHF.

I’ve been eating well since however between Friday morning and now (Sunday morning) I have been totally kicked in the head with a flu.

I haven’t been sick all year since starting LCHF however just those 2 ‘bad’ choices were enough to leave me bed ridden for 2 days and possibly 1 or 2 more to come.

• Migraine Headache
• Swollen/Sore Throat
• Photo Sensitivity
• Mouth Ulcers
• Major Joint & Muscle Pain
• Fatigue
• Dehydration and Vomiting

So, I’ve learned my lesson and hopefully you can learn from my mistake too.

It’s not a treat to eat junk and get sick!

Viva La LCHF!20140622-093835-34715524.jpg