Low Carb Island

Have you listened to my podcast yet? Episode 002 came out today!

It’s the Number One Health Podcast in Australia on the iTunes Charts.

http://www.lowcarbisland.com/listen IMG_3451.JPG


2 thoughts on “Low Carb Island”

  1. I am so very glad I found y’all . Your pod cast or so very informative and easy to understand…I enjoy them and can’t wait for the next one..I am 9 months into LCHF and love it, feel better then ever. Recovering from the effects of chemo and radiation but doing absolutely great. Weight coming off slowly but they seem to think it is because of so much inflammation in my body only 28 lbs as of Jan. 7 but 38 total inches too..so the most important thing I have to remember instead of being upset that I am not losing as quickly as so many that my body is healing and when it starts getting even better the weight will come off . But even if it doesn’t I will never go back to eating any way but this way…I know that the other way is bad for cancer cells and I am doing all I can to live a lot longer to be around my 9 grand children and 1 great grandchild…But y’all make me know this can happen , blessings to you both….Lederle Taylor

  2. Well I just found your old site this morning and stared at the beginning and read all of your posts and what an amazing journey! Congrats to you and your family (I have your partner’s FB page opened but haven’t read it yet). I have done the LC thing a few yrs ago but then went back to my old ways so have decided as of Jan. 2015 to re-commit to myself and added the fats too and it really makes a difference in being satisfied longer. I have dropped 25 lbs and 2 jean sizes which is a great accomplishment for. 52 yr old woman with bad knees and 5 yr breast cancer survivor! I am feeling healthier every day and the knees are getting better. Soon as our Midwest winter stops coming back every week I plan on starting a walking program. This lifestyle works and my recent blood work is proof!
    Thanks for your different take on recipes. I especially like the meatloaf turned pizza idea!
    I see you haven’t posted lately so hope you haven’t forgotten us, your fans!

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