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Day 153 Weigh In

I decided recently that when I reached the next milestone of my weight dropping below 110kgs I would shave my beard. The last time I did this I immediately was wishing it back as where I should have had ‘a’ chin I discovered a few chins. Lol.

We’ll today I hoped on the scales for my weigh in and saw 109.4kg! I can’t believe I’m so close to being out of the 100kg club.

I wanted to put a before after photo of my face with weight loss but sans hair however I never really got any photos without my beard as I used to hide behind it to ‘cover my fat’.

The best I could do was this shot from a few years back before I grew my dreads. Vast improvement I’m sure you’ll agree.

For all those worrying, YES the beard shall return 🙂 I just wanted to see what lay beneath. I personally think I rock the beard… And not to hide my chins anymore but because it suits me 😉

Day 139 Weigh In

Another week has passed and it’s time to weigh in… Drum roll… 110.9kg (244.5lbs). I am literally in awe of how easy and quickly the weight has fallen off while following the LCHF lifestyle. It’s not even halfway through the year and I am now only 11kgs off my goal weight.

After weighing in I decided to take some bacon, eggs and tomatoes down to the beach for a morning fry up with a view!

Soooo blessed to live in Australia and need to make a point of enjoying this more often.

Check out the 143kg (315lbs) chubby man below. What a difference! You can even see it in the arms and wrists. I don’t wear my watch now because it needs 5 links removed so it can fit.