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An Aussie Champion!

Just wanted to share a link to one of my favourite sources for LCHF information. christinecronau.com

Christine Cronau is in my opinion an Aussie Champion! Her tireless efforts in promoting awareness of the bad dietary advice out there and helping every day people take on a new and healthier diet paradigm have made an amazing difference in the lives of soooo many people!

So check out her site and her awesome book The Fat Revolution.


One Month into a New Life

Today marks the first month milestone of my LCHF journey. So how has it been?

Various long term symptoms have gone completely including:
• Skin Disorders
• Heartburn
• Dizzy Spells
• Fatigue
• Mood Swings

My weight is consistently on an even downward gradient. As of this morning I am over 11kgs down for the month!

Mentally I am far more alert, rested and joyful (who wouldn’t be eating BnE all the time)!

So what does a LCHF meal look like?

I know… Poor deprived me 😛

I really am EXCITED about the next month and more good things coming from finally eating healthy nutritious foods.

I’ve got to say one of the biggest things keeping me inspired are the great Podcasts by Jimmy Moore. Check him out at www.livinlavidalowcarb.com

BTW… Breakfast today, organic grass fed chicken eggs poached in grass fed unsalted butter. Soooooo good!!!!