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Week Six Weigh-in

The past few days have been a challenge for my family with some medical issues taking us away from the normal routine of my days off work. Where we have been visiting has had no kitchen facilities and limited access to outside shopping or food.

Through this I managed to stick with the LCHF lifestyle and resist the temptation of the easily accessible junk food.

So, week six weigh-in……. I am proud to say I am now down to 125.5kg. That’s a total loss of 13.1kg (28.9lbs). Averaging around 2.2kg a week or 305gms.

I’ve been so impressed with the consistent weight loss and although I’ve not swayed from the LCHF path I keep expecting the loss to slow. Maybe next fortnight the loss won’t be as dramatic, it will be interesting to look at the next average. However even losing 0.5kg a week I will be pretty much below 100kgs by Christmas 2014!

That’s a pretty awesome concept!

Thanks for all your support everyone 🙂