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Trick or Treat?!

10 months and 1 day into LCHF and I’ve reached my initial goal!

I’m beyond excited and proud of sticking to my guns. I haven’t been ‘perfect’ but I have been consistent. If I stray, I pull myself back. If I slip, I get back up.

As of 6am this morning I am below 100kg… Or as my friends used to call it ‘the Hundgy Club‘.

I have not weighed this little since I have become an adult. Nearly 20 years I have been walking around (slowly and very sweaty) over 100kgs. Unbelievable. What a waste. Well not anymore.

I have surrendered my membership to ‘the Hundgy Club‘ and I shall NEVER join back up!

So today, on INTERNATIONAL CANDY DAY (aka Halloween) skip the treat, do a trick and watch YOUR world change too! 😃

Viva La Fat!!!

LCHF Couple Lost Over 230lbs

As my blog followers know, at the start of the year I began my LCHF journey and 8 weeks later my partner joined the lifestyle too. Eight months on we have lost more between us than we each now weigh!!! Just over 105kgs lost (231.5lbs or 16.5 stone).

To say this has changed out lives is an understatement. Every day offers more now that our bodies and health are able to make the most out of each opportunity life presents.

I remember days where walking from the car to a seat at the park to look at the ocean was an effort. Now we bike ride to the beach and walk/jog a few KMs no trouble at all… While still being able to talk (not puffing for breath).

I’d like to challenge anyone that has been struggling with their health/weight not to wait to make a New Years resolution but to commit to change today. Once you get started you’ll be amazed how easy it is and how quick you WILL SEE RESULTS!

Viva La Fat 😉

Check out my partners Facebook page at Sweet Nothings LCHF to read more of her journey.
For those who read my post last week and are wondering how I went this week… 2.4kgs lost this week.

Happy International Bacon Day!

The last week I’ve allowed myself to eat pretty much anything I felt like. No rules just ‘enjoying’ various foods.

I use the word ‘enjoying’ lightly as most of the time the post carb eating experience left me feeling bloated, lethargic and generally yuck.

One week on and I’ve gained just over 2kgs now weighing in at 105.4kg.

From today onwards I’m back into the LCHF swing and will post another weigh-in in one week to show the effects of good food choices vs bad.

What better day to recommit to eating well and looking after ourselves than on International Bacon Day 🙂

This morning it’s scrambled eggs with butter and smokey bacon.

Check back in one week to see how effective this lifestyle really is (accountability is king) and in the mean time… ENJOY some Bacon 😉



Today marks six months of living LCHF. Over all it’s been remarkably easy and simple to stick to. Even on the days where I mess up and slip it’s just a matter of making the right choices at the next meal, not beating myself up.

As of today’s weigh in I am 103.8kg. Pretty stoked with that! Just bought myself a pair of size 36″ jeans and a t-shirt from a ‘cool’ store. Pretty stoked with that too!

It’s in my blood now, it’s a way of life not a diet. There will be days when I choose other foods but on the whole carbs can expect limited access to
My mouth from now til kingdom come 🙂

Day 153 Weigh In

I decided recently that when I reached the next milestone of my weight dropping below 110kgs I would shave my beard. The last time I did this I immediately was wishing it back as where I should have had ‘a’ chin I discovered a few chins. Lol.

We’ll today I hoped on the scales for my weigh in and saw 109.4kg! I can’t believe I’m so close to being out of the 100kg club.

I wanted to put a before after photo of my face with weight loss but sans hair however I never really got any photos without my beard as I used to hide behind it to ‘cover my fat’.

The best I could do was this shot from a few years back before I grew my dreads. Vast improvement I’m sure you’ll agree.

For all those worrying, YES the beard shall return 🙂 I just wanted to see what lay beneath. I personally think I rock the beard… And not to hide my chins anymore but because it suits me 😉

Day 139 Weigh In

Another week has passed and it’s time to weigh in… Drum roll… 110.9kg (244.5lbs). I am literally in awe of how easy and quickly the weight has fallen off while following the LCHF lifestyle. It’s not even halfway through the year and I am now only 11kgs off my goal weight.

After weighing in I decided to take some bacon, eggs and tomatoes down to the beach for a morning fry up with a view!

Soooo blessed to live in Australia and need to make a point of enjoying this more often.

Check out the 143kg (315lbs) chubby man below. What a difference! You can even see it in the arms and wrists. I don’t wear my watch now because it needs 5 links removed so it can fit.

Cheesy Bacon & Egg Cups + Weigh-In

Let’s start with my weight… After my Easter sojourn in carb and junk land I’m 1 week solid back on LCHF. This mornings weigh-in was quite encouraging 113.9kgs, only 300gms off where I was before my Easter weight gain. Being a bit of a geek there’s nothing quite like a graph to get me motivated so here’s how things are looking for me now:

Next weigh-in should reflect a decent loss and the lightest weight I’ve seen as an adult.

Now on to today’s delicious breakfast. Cheesy Egg & Bacon Cups.

I took some streaky bacon and lined two muffin tin cups with two slices each. One slice around the cup the other across the base.

I then added one egg per cup and topped with an egg whisked with cream and black pepper.

I folded the excess bacon over the top and baked in a 180°c oven for 25mins.

At this stage I removed the cups to a flat tray and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese, then returned them to the oven at 210°c for a further ten minutes until golden and delicious.

The flavour from the streaky bacon had infused nicely into the eggs and the texture of the whole eggs on the base and light fluffy egg and cream on top was so good. I’ll definitely be whipping these babies up again soon!

Day 94 – Weigh In

A week ago I set myself a semi achievable goal of being 113.6kg by April 9th 2014. This would be day 100 of my LCHF lifestyle and would have given me a total weight loss of 25kgs since starting.

My OCDish brain likes things in neat little packages like that 🙂

On top of that, the lightest I can remember being as an adult is 116kg back in 1999. So breaking that barrier I thought would be an exciting milestone.

Soooooo… today I decided to weigh in and check my progress after reaching 117.6kg just 15 days ago.

To my absolutely surprise the scales chimed in at precisely 113.6kg!!!

I am now the lightest I’ve been as an adult. Down 25kgs (55lbs) since starting LCHF on Dec 30th 2013 and 30kgs since my heaviest back in November 2013.

That’s an average loss of 1.86kg a week! Not too shabby!

The next target in my sights… Breaking the big 100KG mark! Oh, it’s happening!!!

Day 79 – Weigh In & Measure Up

Nearly two more weeks on and the weight continues to drop 🙂

21kgs (46lbs) lost since starting LCHF. 1.5 inches off my neck, 6.5 inches from my waistline and 4.5 inches in the chest!

I’m going to be putting a ill extra exercise now as I count down to 100days LCHF. I’m excited to see what numbers I can pull.

Health wise….. I have never felt better!!!

On a side note… It was great to see this on the news last night while eating dinner:

It’s great to see the world is finally waking up!

Day 66 – Weigh In

Day 66… Time flies when you loosing bum! Or something like that. 🙂

Less than 6 weeks ago I was proud to post that I had reached a milestone and forever left the 130kgs behind and weighed in at 129kgs.

Well, after today’s weigh in I can boast that those 120kg days are now also forever behind me (pardon the pun).

As of this morning I am 119.2kgs and I’m not stopping! (Down from 143kgs last Nov and 138.6 when I started LCHF)

Has it been easy so far? Actually, comparably yes… I know for a lot of people it is a major struggle and I’m not trying to show off. I guess something has changed in me this year and I realize that anything easy has it’s cost. Being overweight is easy but not cheap!

There have been sacrifices but nothing compared to the payoff of my health and happiness.

Before this year most people knew me as a very happy optimistic guy… Well now it’s just reached sickening levels 🙂 Life is great and I’m feeling unstoppable this morning!