It All Comes Down to Choices!

I am working away at the moment and was due to go home tomorrow. I have no kitchen just a kettle and a bar fridge. Today my work told me I have to stay here now til Friday night… 3 extra nights.

It’s too expensive to eat out each night unless I cave and eat cheap, easy rubbish (aka ‘Carb’age). What to do?

After much consideration and a quick message from Sweet Nothings reminding me how easy it is to cook eggs if you have boiled water, I decided to spend $26 and get myself 3 nights worth of health low carb dinners and dessert.

Shredded roast chicken, boiled organic eggs, no added sugar bbq sauce, soda water, high fat double cream, mixed berries and I even scored a block of Black and Greens 85% Dark Chocolate.

It would have been so easy to give in and eat junk, gain weight, feel crappy and beat myself up in hindsight of that mistake. But it really wasn’t that much more effort to stay on track, eat well and reap the benefits. It all comes down to choices!

Even in the face of temptation at the check out I knew I would feel better making the right choice.



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