Where did you go FatManDoo?

Thank you to everyone for your encouraging messages over the last month. It has been a while since my last post and lots of things have been changing in my world. LCHF however is still going strong! I have started adding in the occasional baked spud or a lil white rice here and there as I am approaching a maintenance diet now. I’m still losing small amounts however my focus now is mostly health and fitness.

I found something cool this morning when I popped down to my local supermarket. Tomato and BBQ sauces made with Stevia. Low Carb, Gluten Free and great tasting! My bacon, egg and sausage has never tasted so good 🙂


Hopefully in the coming weeks I will find some time to try out some new recipe ideas I have floating around my head. Until then, stay the course! This lifestyle really does work.


10 thoughts on “Where did you go FatManDoo?”

  1. I love your blog – greatly encouraging, great humour! Also experienced that flu – thought I was dying. As for your transformation – WOW. You look 20 years younger ! Oh great recipes !

  2. Hi again, I started wondering if you hair was tied back in your before photo as it is very long after five months.Also a friend asked if your after photo wasnt actually a before photo taken when you were very much younger.:-)

    1. Lol my dreads were indeed tied back in the before photo. And I’m very flattered that people think that the after photo was taken when I was younger lol. I can assure you there’s no trickery… LCHF works! 🙂

  3. Yes I did notice the new tattoo.In your after pic you really are looking amazingly good -almost too good to be true – so motivating!

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