Let’s Make a Deal

I’ve found a new trick in the last few weeks that has really helped me stay the course with LCHF.

I didn’t have dinner last night and then left it a bit late to grab breakfast today. By the time I dropped in to the shops the cakes, cookies, and junk food had formed a choir and decided to sing to me. It was a glorious sonnet that’s not over til the fat man sings.

I told myself ‘Let’s make a deal’! You can have any of this crap you want to eat… But first you need to eat a yummy breaky with Bacon, Eggs, Beef Patty and Grilled Onion. After that if you still want to poison your body go for it.

Of course once I have satisfied the hunger with good foods the junk is no longer appealing.

Years ago I had tried other diets where this kind of ‘mind trick’ just wouldn’t work. After carefully calculating my points or calories left for the day I was left feeling hungry and with cravings for sugary junk.

The beauty of LCHF is that the food satisfies your hunger, kills cravings and if you do feel hungry there’s no prob eating more of the good foods to nourish your body.

Next time you have cravings why not try making a similar deal with yourself. You’ll be surprised how those short term desires go once your appetite is suppressed by quality fats and protein.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Deal”

    1. It’s amazing the power of not saying ‘no’. I’ve found if I tell myself I can’t eat a food I crave it even more. By simply holding off till after a good meal the craving goes away 🙂

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