Eat a Week with Fatmandoo

In the light of my recent before/after photo post I was asked by a number of people to share what an average weeks menu looks like for me. Well, here it is… Fatmandoo Sample Menu.pdf I have uploaded it as an easy to print PDF file so you can keep it on hand to help you with meal ideas for the week.

Remember it’s only a guide and if you’re feeling full from breakfast please don’t feel like you have to force down lunch 🙂



4 thoughts on “Eat a Week with Fatmandoo”

  1. Thanks for sharing this trying very hard to get my husband to come On Board I will
    Show him your web site fingers crossed it will help

  2. Looks absolutely yum. Thanks for sharing. I would like to know if these amounts are suitable for females or should we reduce our portion sizes.

    1. Great question. This is just a suggestion of possible meals and snacks through out the week. Always remember only eat when hungry and stop when you’re satisfied. Applying that rule you’ll find you’d be lucky to eat 1/3 of the list in any given week.

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