Day 153 Weigh In

I decided recently that when I reached the next milestone of my weight dropping below 110kgs I would shave my beard. The last time I did this I immediately was wishing it back as where I should have had ‘a’ chin I discovered a few chins. Lol.

We’ll today I hoped on the scales for my weigh in and saw 109.4kg! I can’t believe I’m so close to being out of the 100kg club.

I wanted to put a before after photo of my face with weight loss but sans hair however I never really got any photos without my beard as I used to hide behind it to ‘cover my fat’.

The best I could do was this shot from a few years back before I grew my dreads. Vast improvement I’m sure you’ll agree.

For all those worrying, YES the beard shall return 🙂 I just wanted to see what lay beneath. I personally think I rock the beard… And not to hide my chins anymore but because it suits me 😉


4 thoughts on “Day 153 Weigh In”

  1. I think you look good with or without the beard. It must be amazing to see what your jaw line looks like without wheat. You are a fantastic inspiration for others struggling to change their eating habits, not just your weight loss but with the great recipes and hints you post to help them with their change. With the hours you work good on you for taking the time to help others.

  2. I agree, you look much better without it. I had the same problem and had a goatee to cover up the chins, but now I just do a clean razor shave in the summer, I might grow a beard again in the winter.

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