Day 139 Weigh In

Another week has passed and it’s time to weigh in… Drum roll… 110.9kg (244.5lbs). I am literally in awe of how easy and quickly the weight has fallen off while following the LCHF lifestyle. It’s not even halfway through the year and I am now only 11kgs off my goal weight.

After weighing in I decided to take some bacon, eggs and tomatoes down to the beach for a morning fry up with a view!

Soooo blessed to live in Australia and need to make a point of enjoying this more often.

Check out the 143kg (315lbs) chubby man below. What a difference! You can even see it in the arms and wrists. I don’t wear my watch now because it needs 5 links removed so it can fit.


6 thoughts on “Day 139 Weigh In”

  1. As someone only just starting out on LCHF, and having a little struggle with myself today as well, this post was just what I needed to pop up on my reader. You have made awesome progress! You look amazing. Have your carb cravings gone? Do you still have weak moments and how do you handle them if you do?

    Oh and lastly, I’m massively jealous of your breakfast location… Haha and the breakfast itself too, I shall have to grab some bacon on the way home tonight!

  2. You and your wife have had amazing results and I know first hand it takes a lot of re=commitment to stay on track. Excellent work!

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