Breakfast at the Crib

Most mornings lately I’ve been grabbing breakfast at 4:30am before driving an hour and a half to the job site. At that time of day my poor tummy had barely had time to wake up. So today I decided to try something different.

At home I browned off in butter and olive oil a small chopped onion, half a red capsicum and four diced streaky bacon rashes.

I popped this tasty goodness in a small container and headed to work with some cream and eggs on board as well.

When it came time for my first break at 9am I was ready to eat and eggcited to eggsperiment.

I placed two eggs, a splash of cream and two tablespoons of the pre made filling into a mug and gave it a whisk… Microwaved it for two minutes and enjoyed my filled scrambled eggs at the Crib Hut 🙂

Best of all I have enough filling for two more serves 🙂


2 thoughts on “Breakfast at the Crib”

  1. Love taking breakfast with me! Are you outside the U.S.? Just asking cuz of the terms you use: ‘rashers’ of bacon. You are inspiring! 🙂

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