Cheat Sheet

Thought I’d share a couple of little things that I enjoy on a regular basis which make me totally forget I’ve cut anything out of my diet.

Green & Blacks 70% Dark Organic is possibly the most delicious chocolate in the world! It was my favourite long before LCHF.

With 30 squares in a 100gram block and around 1 carb per square it’s a nice treat which I enjoy slowly. Previously I could greedily gobble down a block of chocolate without blinking. Now I’ll slowly dissolve a square in my mouth enjoying the rich flavours (especially with an espresso or bulletproof in hand). 3-6 squares a day are a delicious treat!

I always have a stash of oven roasted organic almonds on hand. These natural goodies are great if you just want something to nibble. Over 55% fat and less than 5% carbs whose complaining 🙂

If a soft-drink craving hits or just for a little extra ‘bounce’ I will add a Berocca to 300ml of sparkling mineral water. As I’ve not had sugar for three months now this actually taste like a Fanta style drink to my new taste buds and is full of great vitamins.

Last but certainly not least…. Bullet Proof Coffee. Grass Fed Unsalted Butter, Upgraded Coffee Beans & Upgraded MCT Oil blended together for a creamy, rich and filling beverage to get you going in the mornings.


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