Lazy Sunday

Had a pretty cruisey day in front of me today so I decided to do some cooking. I found some angus beef sausages with only 1% carbs. So I cooked them up with some onions, tomatoes, herbs and then an egg. All in one pot 🙂 nice and easy.

Three sausages are ready to be frozen for lunch another day and the left over sauce will be on tomorrow nights meatloaf. Cook smarter not harder.

After lunch I decided to whip up a LCHF chocolate mousse. I took 120gm 85% Lindt chocolate and melted it with 30gm grass fed butter. Set aside to cool then folded through two egg yolks. I then whipped 250ml of pure cream and in another bowl whisked the two egg whites til they were stiff.

The three elements were then folded together with a little stevia to taste.

It’s in the fridge setting now and I’m excited to try it later. Guilt free 🙂



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