Golden Nuggets!!! OMG

I couldn’t wait to share tonight’s Tuesday Kitchen Experiment recipe… It was a total success! Even my flat mates ended up taxing it for their dinner.

I simply took two organic chicken breasts, cut into bit size nuggets, dredged in egg then coated in my special crumb mix…

• Almond Meal
• Desiccated Coconut
• Sesame Seeds
• Parmesan Cheese
• Mexican Chili Powder
• Mixed Herbs
• Cracked Black Pepper

Place on grease proof paper and bake in moderate oven for 20mins.

I served them with a tangy home made tomato sauce. 1 Caramelized Onion, splash of balsamic vinegar and 4 chopped tomatoes reduced down.


5 thoughts on “Golden Nuggets!!! OMG”

  1. Hey! I made these tonight…with one alteration. I swapped the parmesan for (wait for it) whizzed up PORK SCRATCHINGS!! Chicken wrapped in pig. Yum.

  2. Tip from America here: if you want your coating to stay on the meat better, add 1/2 t. of unflavored gelatin to the coating ingredients–they form a bond between the protein of the meat and the protein of the gelatin. Works for baking AND frying. Pork rind dust + the gelatin make for some CRISPY chicken, sausage, onion rings, or whatever you’ve coated when baked. I’ve even coated and baked peeled-and-steamed lobster tails, strips of bacon (dipped in egg first), slices of pepperoni (dipped in egg first), and sliced squid tubes.

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