Tough As Old Boots

I work away 10days or more at a time doing 14hr work days. This is a real challenge to eating healthy. On a roster like that the few minutes a day not working, driving or sleeping need to be efficient or everything goes pear shaped. So I have made it my mission to cook healthy meals in bulk on the days I am home to make sure I stay on target.

So today being a good little cook I created a delicious slow cooked beef rogan josh. After sautéing the vegetables in butter and garlic I added 1.2kg of slow cook cubed beef. The smells filled the house with wonderful Indian spices and I couldn’t wait to try a little of the final product before I drove 4 hours to work to tonight.

To my horror although being simmered gently for the right amount of time as I have done many times before the beef had turned to what can only be described as rubber. The whole lot was inedible!

So now I am about to grab some sleep before I start work at 4am. Tomorrow I will resist the temptation of a Big Ben pie at the Caltex and will come up with a solution to my now disorganized lunch problem.






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