LCHF RECIPE: Pepperoni Meatzza

I’ve been playing around with some LCHF cooking when I get a few minutes spare and today I wanted to give a bread free pizza a spin.

I have seen recipes for a cauliflower pizza base but today I decided to get In touch with my inner Carnivore and create a meat based pizza (meatzza).



• Lean Beef Mince
• Mozzarella Cheese
• Pepperoni (check pack for low carbs)
• Brown Onion
• Tomato Paste
• Brown Onion
• Green Capsicum

Step 1:

Smoosh beef, cheese, salt, pepper, garlic and mixed herbs.

Step 2:


Form into large thin ‘pizza base’ and bake on high under grill til crispy and browned. Drain off any excess liquid that comes out.


Step 3:


Top the pizza with your ingredients.


Step 4:


ENJOY your delicious low carb high fat creation!


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